10 Facts and Realizations of a Newborn Outdoor Enthusiast

1. Your physical well-being will be tested.

Outdoor activities require strength. You literally need to be strong for every walk, climb and grip. Plus the heat to the sun, cold breeze during night trek, heavy backpacks. Every muscle in your body works, so better have a warm-up first or else your first time will be you last.

2. You will push yourself beyond your limit.

There will be times that you’re about give up especially if you are a first timer.  Even though your lungs and your heart are about to explode, you can’t feel your legs’ existence and you can’t even carry your things still,  there’s part in you saying that you have to finish it ‘coz turning back is a great NO-NO.

3. Exhaustion becomes relaxation.

Mountain assaults will definitely exhaust you plus the heights that will wreck your nerves. After a looong hours of  walk, run, climb and grip, reaching the finish line or the top will give you an excellent view. The picturesque view of nature can calm your soul. Exhaustion is part of the adventure but surely, calmness and serenity will follow.

4. You’ll get connected with nature.

Since you’re doing outdoors, most of the time. You’ll get connected with nature so sooner or later. You’ll get used to its physical beauty. You may have the tendency to care for it unconsciously. It might help you to release unwanted feelings, burden and anxiety.

5. You’ll be extreme.

There are times that ropes do not exist so the only way for you to reach the top or to go on the other side is to have faith on the rocks, in the grass, on the soil and even to your shoes.

6. You will conquer your fear.

This applies to everyone who has Acrophobia. Climbing mountain that ranges 700 – 2,000 meters above sea level is a nerve wrecking activity for those who have fear of heights. To be with an outdoor-junkie/adventure seeker means to be with  someone who can get you out of the box. With the motivation that he/she gives you’ll soon forget your fear and reach the top.

7. You’ll learn to trust yourself.

For every struggle that you face along the way, you’ll learn and understand that trusting yourself is the biggest factor to succeed. Even how exhausted and wasted you are.

8. Motivation will push you forward.

You can’t hit a goal without motivation. You also have your partner and your team to motivate you. Your partner will be your best motivator in reaching the summit or the finish line.

9. Outdoor activities will deepen your relationship.

Well, for me it is. I personally, is not an outdoor-junkie. I don’t remember any sports that I played when i was in high school or in college. I just became an OD-junkie when I meet my boyfriend. I might say that it deepens our relationship in a sense that we were able to support and share each other’s interests. Like me,  I like heights, small trips, adventures, scenery, picturesque view while he likes all outdoor stuffs, majestic view and photography. You tend to know each other’s capacity and limitations. Both of you will adjust in every circumstances.

10. You’ll change for the better.

You’ll tend to realize the importance of patience, motivation, faith and goals. Do not get upset if your partner is and outdoor junkie. All you have to do is try and enjoy new experiences. There’s always be a good and life changing realizations after the trip. Stepping out from your comfort zone is better than staying inside the box for the rest of your life. Life is too short. Have life and enjoy!



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