A Quarter-Life Crisis

How is it going to be in “Quarter-Life Crisis”? Does anyone here ‘at least’ experience this?  Is it normal to go through this stage at some point in your young adult phase?

Quarter-life crisis is the period wherein you personally do not know where you’re going, what your purpose, what you will be.

Well, as of the moment, I admit that going through a Quarter-life Crisis. The biggest questions on my mind right now are in the form of what and where.  What, WHAT am I going doing to do with my life.  What path will  take. What kind of career will I choose and WHERE. Where am I going?

I should have thought about this during the younger age. Probably during High School or University days.  Well, I did. It’s just that people change as well as mind, perception and decision. As I grow older my plans drifted 360 degrees. I turned out to be practical and went on with flow. I shouldered responsibilities and embraced uncontrollable circumstances.

After graduation, I felt like gravity drags me down. Universe is not cooperating. I make actions and plans but do not come up with the result that I’m expecting to be. Applied in top companies with my desired position but results are unfavorable. There are times that it gets me frustrated but since I have no choice. I have to bear it all and move on.

There are times that I’m doubting myself, my capacity and my capability. Thinking what went wrong? why did I lose the chance? or why am I not happy (contented) with what I have and where I am? I have the reason to feel those things I guess, not to mention all those factors.  Though I’m doubting myself, this won’t stop me from chasing better opportunity.

I have this hope that one day I’ll be able to figure things out. To live like others. Not having a bum or thug life.

This quarter-life crisis is something that you have to figure out. QL Crisis should not stop you to move on and see vague things clearly.  At the end of the day, you have to think that life is beautiful and meaningful. Live with purpose all the time.

Once, I get out from this, I make a new blog on how to win the Quarter-life Crisis. 🙂


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