A flower in the Storm

2015 has been tough on me. I might say that I had a hard time dealing with it. Everything shifted 360 degrees. There were times that i have to cry at night to vent out. My patience has been tested. I had to transfer from one company to another. My motivation fell to its lowest level I even ask myself “What’s wrong?, “What’s going on?”.  What’s more annoying is that, you know you’re doing your best and everything that you could do to make things work and easy however, results will put your spirit down. 

As I end 2015, here are the things that I’d realize: 

  1. Your past experience is your best teacher.
  2. The more pain and hardships you get, the more strength you receive. 
  3. Everything has a purpose.
  4. Perfect time comes
  5. Change is a matter or choice. 
  6. Your mind-set is the reflection of your action. 
  7. You cannot please everyone. 
  8. Self-worth is essential. 
  9. Life is unpredictable 
  10. GOD hears your prayer. 

This year had welcomed me with great things. Optimism came along, goals are more visible. My fate is clearer now. 

For everone who’s in whirlwind, do not lose hope. Just go with it. Take some courage to deal with all negativity. There’s always life after the storm and light at the end of the tunnel. 


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