Falls: Talay, Hulugan and Aliw | Luisiana, Laguna

Starting out our travel year with a trek in 3 unexploited falls located in Luisiana, Laguna. They are Hulugan Falls (left side photo), Talay Falls (mini and main falls – right upper right and right center photo) and Aliw Falls (right bottom).

After the registration, we headed to:

Talay Falls first since it is the nearest falls within the barangay hall and the trails are not that difficult to take. There are 3 parts in talay trail:

First is the “steady-muddy” trail wherein common trail that people usually deal with then they trek. A path covered with plants, trees and branches. Apart from plants and trees, mud is everywhere. You might feel the weight of the mud on your shoes as you go along the trail. Pico De Loro’s trail is pretty much the same with this one.

Second part of trail will be a mini “river” not literally a river but you have to cross there for you to reach the falls.

First mini river to cross

  I’m wearing rubber shoes during that time (which is more advisable since the trails are so slippery and muddy).

After crossing the mini river, only a few minutes walk then you see the Talay Falls 1.


Talay Falls 1.


It’s quite short and nothing special. Well, you have to explore a little to see the Talay Falls 2.


Talay Falls at the back

(With the gang)

You have to climb using a rope and fit yourself in a narrow  passage that serves as the third trail.

Struggle is real going up..

Once you’ve reach the top,  this is what awaits you..


Talay Falls no. 2


Henry over there

 I like how the rocks were formed here. Big boxes of rocks stacked together to form a picturesque.

Hulugan Falls was next in line. Not too far from Talay, its just half an hour trekk from Talay going Hulugan. If you were in fast pace,  maybe less than half of an hour will do.

Going especially leaving Hulugan was quite challenging and exhausting. You have to literally go down so that you can reach the bottom of the gigantic Falls. Try to imagine going down from 6th to 8th floor using stairs, thats how exhausting it is.. Double the exhaustion going up since you have to climb the assault in getting back to the jump off site.

Down hill going Hulugan



Hulugan Falls


A giant God’s masterpiece.

A beautiful and majestic creation. The volume of water was not that in a full blast. A little calm but on the on the otherhand the ice-cold water awaits you at the bottom.

Lastly, Aliw Falls is our last destination.

Going there is very easy compared to Hulugan, Aliw falls is located in out barangay so our tour guide wasnt able to accompany us going the.

Aliw falls is quite new attraction in Luisiana since there is only way going there and that’s passing through a public resort and rice field. The path going to Aliw Falls is still on process. A 20-30minutes trek Is alloted time to reach the Falls.


Aliw Falls

  For some reasons, this is my favorite spot since it’s more serene and easiest to trek unlike the 2 falls.
Going There..The place is quite accessible. Only two to theee rides from Buedia if you have taking public transportation.

  • Ride a bus at Buendia going Sta Cruz, Laguna
  • Alight at Sta. Cruz town proper and ride a jeep (top load will be amazing) going Luisiana-Lucban-Kamay ni Hesus
  • Alight at Luisaian – Hulugan
  • Go to barangay hall to register and your good to go.

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