Thoughts: “Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa (The Story of Us That Never Was)”


Disclaimer: This is not a review about the movie because I don’t wanna spoil this. I just want to share why you should watch this movie.

Even before, I love to watch independent movie for no other reason aside from being “curious”. Indie films have limited trailers, information and screening schedules that make me more curious about them. You can only see their trailers in social media sites or posters in the universities. Few months ago, I’ve heard this movie from my cousin who is a CommRes student. Since she was so fond of indie film and has lots of connections to directors and other production members, she told me the background story of this movie. which made me more curious about this (my cousin was a huge spoiler! haha).

I watched this at UP Cine Adarna, last Saturday (November 12, 2016) and took the first batch of screening (4:30PM). I think, I am destined to watch this because I am also at UP D to take my final exam during that time.

As I watch the movie, I kept on remembering what my cousin had told me. It came to a point that I thought she was lying ‘coz her story is different from what I am seeing as I watch the movie. Until, it had ended. There, I realized that what she have said was right. (haha! sorry for having a trust issue)

Anyway, what’s my main point about writing something about this movie? Well, actually, there are three reasons why I’m writing about this:

  1.  I just want help promoting this movie, hoping that there will be more screenings not to spoil it.  
  2. I want to promote and support independent movie because the moral, realization and circumstances behind it are more powerful and realistic compared to “pabebe” – plot movies produced by big film industries.
  3. I also want to elevate the notion for Independent movies and increase the value of awareness to the youth that these kind of movies can help the Filipino film-makers to continue to make quality socio-cultural and pop culture themed movies.


This movie showed unusual kind of love and issues that lies on it. For me, this is an eye-opener for the youth nowadays that love is a decision and not as easy to be define. It may have complications that need to be resolved. Resolution that only mature people can handle. This movie also proves that love is for everyone and you cannot choose to whom your heart will beat for. Regardless of the social status, gender, age and any other factor that may consider, the success of love will still depend on them.


Love is something that we need to work on. We compromise, we take a leap and give a huge amount of courage on it. Do you like how does it ended? If you’re Sam or Isa, will you do the same? Let me know what you think about the movie too.


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