Here Are The Things To Expect In Being Single from A Long Term Relationship

Being in a long term relationship will give you a sense of security, assurance, overflowing hope and comfort. Worst things come, one of you decided to depart without holding each other’s hand. Your soul will die, your heart will get stabbed, and you’ll see yourself on the cliff left hanging with the rope around your neck. Suddenly, the pain will run through your veins like a venom making you numb for a minute until your heart stops to beat and your mind to think. Everything will turn to be black and no trace of light for quite some time.

Hours, days, weeks and months will pass. Surely, you will have some urge to stood up and move forward. So, here are the things that you might realize as you embrace the so-called “single” life.

  1. You’re rebuilding yourself

The need to rebuild yourself is essential. You are shaping yourself to be the best version of you. You are not trying to please your ex or a new possible suitor but you are trying to please yourself. It’s like, boosting up your morale after being drowned.

  1. You’re mastering mind over matter game

There were rainy morning, gloomy afternoon and cold nights. It’s so normal to miss the things that you do with your ex, even places, dates food, everything. Believe me that’s OKAY! But after a while you’ll have to fight for the idea that you can survive even without “US”, even without “together” and  all I have is “me”, “myself” no more no less. One day, you will make up thinking that you are waking up each day for your goals, for your family and friends and for your future.

  1. You’ll meet different kinds of “guys”

There are guys you’ll meet randomly, asking for your number or your Facebook account. As you talk to them, you’ll know their difference particularly in their attitudes, the reasons and rebuts, interests, point of views. You just have to be smart enough to choose who among them is worthy for your time.

  1. Finding yourself lost in the universe

As you move forward and live for your life again, you’ll see yourself walking in the midst of nowhere. Standing in the middle of wide road with no exact end point. You’re not sure what to do, where to start. But at the end of the day, as you rebuild yourself and helping yourself to stand up, you will start to figure out what do you want to be and eventually write down your goal to achieve.

  1. You tend to realize that being single is not a relationship status

Being single is definitely a time for yourself and a break for all the shitty stuff that you got from a bad relationship. It is a time where you can spend all your freakin’ time in bed without checking you from time to time. It is a time where you can spend all your time in your new hobby or in your career. A time where you can shop all you want without thinking what to buy for him. It is the time where you learn to appreciate and love yourself, your flaws and everything about you.

  1. You will value your time even more

Since you have a lot of time for yourself, you tend not to waste your time in shitty people. No space for drama and all sort of negativity. Your timeline for your goal is important. You tend to value the time that you have for your family and for your friends. Yes, you might be dating again but you tend to have a checklist at the back of your mild to make sure that you are dating a right person. Your “negotiables” and “non-negotiable” matters to you the most.

  1. Your passion wins over you heart

This time, you are more focus on what makes you happy and what makes you productive rather than agonizing for your past relationship. You take certain classes to achieve your goal whether it is a career goal or for personality development.

  1. You’ll know your worth more

You don’t waste your time for wrong people. You don’t chase for a guy who doesn’t even see your worth and your beautiful soul. You walk away to people who think and see you less. You spend your time to those who can see your worth, who can see how amazing you are. You give you nothing but clear intention and to those that are willing and make an effort to know you and your world as the day passes.

  1. Your relationship with your family gets stronger

You will understand that your family will never leave you know matter how wasted you are. You will understand that blood is thicker than water. Their love for you is unconditional.

  1. You learn to how to pause and think

As you walk alone with your life, you are evaluating your actions. Your past, present and future. You tend to foresee who you are, few years from now. You try to re-evaluate your goals if that’s what your heart says.

  1. Your career blooms double

You work harder just to keep yourself busy without knowing that it gives a lot of credit. Greater opportunity might come and you tend to aim for more. You bosses will recognize your job might lead to promotion after quite some time.


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