Priority First

Have you ever feel like you love someone but do not reciprocate?  A kind of relationship or even an instance that your goals separate both of you? Can you tell how does it feels like?

Let’s see.

There you are, a warm-hearted, goal setter and achiever. You’re fine. You have your routine, you do your errands every single day. Living the way you like, living the way it should be. You have immeasurable job description, your head is full of stuff. Your priorities lined up  and hanged vertically on the wall of  your work desk.  You try to live every single day a little bit fine. Basically, you’re on tract. Yes! You are. Exhausted but fulfilled. Exhausted but happy.

You wonder if you missed something. In just a snapped, you thought about him. Your “ours”. Do you figure out whats’s wrong? Let’s go back a little.

Both of you respect your own life, your private space. Both are practicing “Us” time and “Me” time. Both of you are growing, doing things that beneficial to both of you in the future. You try your best to work things up. Giving your partner a bit of your time, few seconds to check how he is. Yes, your priorities are intact. Even how hella bad your schedule look like, you still want to check him or seeing him after your shift is a big relief that today is still a good day.

How does it feels like when you’re only one thinking about it? You’re the only one who look forward for the day to end with him. Well, there’s still a great chance that he also thinks the same but it just doesn’t exudes the way your expecting. Will you get mad? will you get anxious? Will you be sad feeling like you are not his priority? Will you be sad if he doesn’t call you even once for a day. For whatever reason he has, will you believe in what he says?

Priority takes a lot of understanding, maturity, and patience. You cannot force people to stay twenty-four-seven like what you’re might doing for him. What you can give might not be reciprocated but question is, Will you stay? Are you going to stay? It is hard for you to say to somebody  to include you to their time, to their space, and to their world. The only thing for sure is that if that person truly values you, he will not allow you to wait, to be puzzled and to wonder day by day. For whatever task he is doing, he will always include you in his day, in his world. every. single day.

Relationship is not just about being together physically at the end of day or at the end of your working hours. It’s not about exchanging calls or messages saying what you do or where you are from time to time. Relationship is for two individual that decided to be together in spite of making their individual goals a top priority. Regardless, if you’re his priority or not you have to support your partner and your relationship. Relationship is not bounded by highfalutin words or cheesy acts. A mature relationship is about giving your hundred percent trust to your partner. Staying by his side and support him all throughout his journey. Relationship has ups and downs in numerous times but, what matters most is that, the willingness to make things work at any rate, and at any cost.

Relationship is giving both of you a chance to grow as an individual and a chance to grow together. A successful relationship requires tons of patience and undying love understanding. It is something that every couple should practice. Commitment is not just a word but a sacred word that needs to be in your relationship and shows off effortlessly whether how good or bad the situation is. It is also the foundation of your relationship. If by any chance you feel abandoned, step up and save yourself. Being abandoned and not a priority are two different things. If you feel like you are not a priority, move and get yourself a life. Do not stick in the idea of being dependent to your partner emotionally and physically. Live your life the way it should be. Focus on your goal for a moment so that both of you could grow more. Give the both of you a same amount of respect for personal space. Be the person that you want to be not what your partner wants you to be.


4 thoughts on “Priority First

  1. Yankydoodledoo~♥ says:

    I think it’s important that one should prioritize his/her goals in life first before settling down. Everything written here is true. If you really love each other, you help each other grow and achieve your goals. You can have all the time together once you’re both fulfilled and ready to live together forever. I think it’s one reason why most couples break up. One wants to be prioritized while the other wants to achieve his/her goals first. Both should meet in the eye. Communication is also an important factor here. It’s critical that you should make your priorities clear to your partner so that he/she won’t feel abandoned.


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