Ways To Protect Your Heart

These days, we often see love and relationship in every part of the society. Businesses, establishments and others use different kinds of situations where they can inject love and relationship as their marketing strategy to catch attention and even revenue. Social media memes and relationship pages, often talk about every side of relationship. Happy or sad posts often get into the limelight. It gets thousands of likes and even numerous shares. In voluntarily, we may find ourselves hooked on those ideas that presented and posted on the sites and pages that we follow. We may see ourselves at the end of the day vulnerable to the idea of romance that the pop-culture keeps on telling us. Entertainment wise, we are bounded by the logic underneath each movie or story what we seen and that creates the notion of how we should love and how we should be loved. It somewhat lead and molds us into a person that we are when we fall in love as we grow and as we mature. Entertainment media, and social networking sites also create different kinds of options of what kind of emotional mentality we should have. So how can you guard your heart before it gets broke by someone that you chose to love?

Don’t complicate your life by playing mind games. Generations these days are fond of mind games. You’ll spend such period of time with someone, you might not figure it out but at some point you will invest some feelings and emotion with that person. You’ll be at state wherein you don’t want to stop but you don’t to push it through. Hey, Let me tell you one thing! Stop wasting your precious time to a person who doesn’t want give clarity on to what you guys have. There must be a thin line between being “friends” and “lovers”. If you think that what you guys have will not push into a relationship. Quit and Leave.

Live limitless with caution. We all have the free will to choose what kind of life we would like to have, what kind of life we want to take, what kind of work or profession we want to pursue, and also a free will to choose the person that we want to be with. We should not limit ourselves to discover things around us, and the possibilities around us. Living without limitation to explore can teach us a lot of things. It can taught life changing experiences that we can cherish as we grow old. However, it can also lead us to the downside of uncontrollable acts . Do things with caution and carefully experience every aspect of life with caution to know when to stop, to know then action can harm us. There’s nothing wrong in being adventurous in meeting people but do it with caution.

Do not EXPECT. The safest way to protect your heart is by nit expecting anything from someone. Whether to your friend or your partner. Do not expect. At first, this is so cliche but when you were able to see the good things in not expecting anything, you will find your heart, your soul and your mind at peace. We often get hurt because we expect things from someone or to our partner and are holding on to their words. Their words became our shelter and implant in within ourselves but the thing is, since we expect to much from their words, we can’t see things on the other side. We may trust the person that love so that we our relationship could grow but always remember that everything is constant and everything change. It’s like setting yourself a boundary when to trust and to what extent can you trust. You may trust them wholeheartedly but do not expect. Expecting the worst may sound off to some but I tell you, it can save our heart from too much pain when things don’t go as what we expect. Expecting the worst is for brave heart with the soft heart.

Don’t let your emotions control you. Some people can’t help themselves  but being stagnant to stick to the relationship that they have. Yes, that’s normal. When we love someone, we make and try our best to make things work. We even go beyond out limit just to make that person feel secured and loved. We should remember how to control our emotions. When we are angry, anxious or sad, we can’t think straight and that can affect our daily lives. We may find an outlet on how to release too much anger, anxiousness and even sadness. You can guard your heart by knowing how to control your emotion. If you feel so much pain inside that you cannot function well then, Stop. Leave and Breath. If situations upsets you, divert your to things that can be beneficial for you. It can be pursuing your set-aside goal, focusing more on your career, anything! Always be happy and positive despite for negative thoughts and emotion that you have. Always remember that being happy can protect your heart from pain and anger.

Stay positive and leave your past behind. Social media trolls may contain sad and bitter outlook in life. It is a collection of bad scenarios and illustrated but playful mind of an artist. There’s nothing wrong in getting hurt. We learn from it. Bad Experience teaches us to be strong and to know ourselves even more. Remembering your bad experiences or your past will just cause you more cuts, deeper cut rather. Free yourself from pain and live happily. Let your heart heal its wound and open your heart from possibility to love again.


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