Your Bride In-Progress

Dear future husband,

How have you been these days? Are you stressed with lots of stuffs? Are you doing well with your career and your goals? Have you ever wonder about me?

Me, I’m fine. Pre-occupied yet bored. How funny to think that everything about me is so unpredictable. Today, things go well, tomorrow it will not. But don’t worry, Im totally fine.

I’m building my own identity. My own career, getting things done, achieving my own plans, goals and bucket list. I’m building my own life now so that when we finally met, I’m full grown woman already. Ready to fullfill my duties to you without compromising my own wants, my identity and my freedom.

I’m busy achieving my goals so that when I finally met you, I won’t regret spending my time with you. I’m doing my best to be the version of myself so that I wont have insecurities when we meet. I’m discovering and learning myself more so that you can see all of my capabilities and my flaws.
I’m learning to love myself so that, I could love you the way I love myself. People say that you cannot love a person if you dont how how to love yourself. So there, I’m loving myself so that I could give you the best love that you haven’t receive before.

By the way, I’m a wedding planner, fullfilling every bride’s dream. Helping them out to reach their very own happily-ever-after. For now, I will just plan of other’s wedding so that when our time comes, ours will be the best wedding that I’ve ever planned.

Patienty waiting,

Your future wife


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