What makes human happy? 

Often times we hope. We always hope for the best. We often want to be the best. We set goals so that we know who we are few years later. Comfortable life, good house, luxurious car, glamorous appearance or stunning look. Upon achieving those things that were mention, are we happy? Are those things could make us feel happy? Are those things considerable as valuable? Or maybe we can say that those things are considered our standards for living.

We base our happiness through material things. Admit it or not, for us to be happy, we should have something that are concrete and tangible. Millions in the banks, properties, businesses, and others. And with those things, we set our minds that we are happy because of those things.

Some people may feel unlucky or unworthy because they lack those things. At a certain point of your life, you’ll pause a while and realize that you have dim perspective. The essence of having a good life is not measured by material things but having a life full of love. A heart that has overflowing love for other people. A heart that is capable to love unconditionally without what ifs and buts. A heart that’s always ready for a new beginnings. Most especially, a heart that receives love from others.

Often times, people would feel happy if they feel secured because someone loves them. Whether it’s Familial, platonic or romantic. Human beings feel happy if someone appreciates them. Of all those material things that people can possess, love is the most valuable things that people can have. Whether love from family, friends, or companion in life, it will all lead to real happiness that everyone wants to have. Love and security are the things that can make a person alive, happy and a functional well being.


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