What Does Introvert Looks Like?

Have you ever feel like walking around the city without looking on the faces of all the people that pass by? Have you ever tried eating at the restaurant sitting at the corner seat? Have you ever wanted to stay at the coffee shop instead of going to the crowded places to meet new people? Those are “some” of the things that introverts do.

People say that introverts are tame and have a stodgy life because they don’t usually see them in loud and social circle. having deep thoughts and speak-less in public. Introverts are shy and some have a low self-esteem. That’s normal and it’s their nature. Sometimes, they feel that they are bounded with their own standards. They are bit sensitive and vulnerable to judgments. They are very cautious too and hate rejections. They cannot speak as vocal as possible since they’re afraid to get caught off guard. They keep things on themselves and don’t want to be in the lime light.

They may seem aloof but their mind doesn’t stop thinking. They have lots of things to say in their minds but cannot express them in such way that others do. For some reasons, maybe they just try to know the person first before they can open their minds and share their thoughts to others. They may seem dull but have creative minds. They think first and utter their ideas in a very concise manner. They have a keen perspective about things as oppose to the impressions of having a jejune personality created by people’s perception. They are independent and their independence defines them. They also give limited to no judgments to everyone and act or speak base on how people treat them.

Introverts have a wide range of perception, ideas, capabilities, understanding and point of view and that’s something that you should see by yourself.


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