Typical random night, we’ve met
A hi and Hello as a signal to start
The greatness exuded as the words utter
You that standing in the crowd

Days got shorter as you catch the fallen soul
The clock ticks as time passes by
You that standing afar,
Is what my heart sees

No reason behind
No hesitation felt
No buts and if
My heart wants nothing
But for it to see what lies within

We left the yesterday
We tressure our todays
We anticipate our tomorrow
No question, it’s you, it’s us

Let me see what lies within
Show me what lies within
Should I go though it?
Should I not risk it?

Today is today
Tomorrow might be you
I’ll carry my own
You carry your own

Give my heart a little glance
Show me what lies within
Me who’ll wait for tomorrow
and I who will set an eye for our own “ours”


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