Sperm Donation

As time goes by, everything around us changes. Technologies, infrastructure, people, beliefs, and even principles. Some Asians have adapted the western culture that they’ve seen through media. The ideology of an individual easy changes to because of many factors in his surrounding.

Single parents are so common in this era unlike the old days, Our grandparent’s  moral values are intact, they were more cautious with their actions and also responsible with their acts. Not like today, people became more liberated, adventurous which typically were more curious and always craves for more.

Pregnancy happens and all of a sudden, life of both individuals turned 360 degrees. By all means, negative thoughts will rise. Fear of responsibility, anxiety and worst case scenario, separation. The man will continue to live his life; the woman? there you go pregnant, carrying the baby on her own and live her own life every single day waiting for the the perfect time to finally see the unborn child on her womb.

Some are feckless men will tell his woman that he is not ready yet. Not ready emotionally. Thinking like this tiny human living inside the womb is an antagonist in his life, a big torn on his chest and a hindrance to his goal. Voila! Congratulations dude! You have successfully donated your sperm and given a new life to unknown person. Sounds weird right? But that’s how things look like.

Remember: This little bunny inside a woman’ womb is a gift from God. A reminder that you will never be alone in this crazy inhumane world. A simple reminder that small things grow into brighter and amazing things. Every unborn child will teach you how to be patient, how to be responsible, how to be strong, how to take care of yourself, how to protect yourself from others, how to care of everyone you love and how to be gentle.

 Every unborn child is your strength, your friend, your love and someone that will give you a clearer path. Someone that will make you realize that nothing happens accidentally and every conceived human is a gift.


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