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A Life With a Military Man

We often see soldiers in the movies, news, certain ports and bases. Maybe, some of us aware that their job is not as usual as what what we have. We looked at them as someone who will protect us from harm or someone who will defend us from evil and will bring peace to where we are. These are the notion that we have when we hear the word “Soldier”.How is it like to be a wife of a military man? Is hard to deal with the circumstances that may come when you’re with a military man? What kind of life will you have when you’re with a military man? These are the questions that had struck my head after watching few Rom-drama movie and series about military-civilian love story, when ended up thinking about what if I’ll marry a military man someday?

I have this high respect for soldiers. At the back of my head, their passion and love for what they do cannot be trade for anything else. Everything that I was on my mind before few years ago flashed back on my memory. There was also an instance while I’m praying, I mention that I would want to marry a soldier. I have no idea why did I mention that on my prayers. Maybe, because of the image that was created on my mind after watching movies and series with that kind of theme. One day, I found myself loving a military man though I never looked for him, or search anybody. It just came and happen so natural. So, how is it like being with a military man or being a military man’s girlfriend?

Being committed to a military man is like going on top of the mountain, you feel the wind passes to your body
His love is like a wind that embraces you and blows stronger in times of storms. Storm in a sense that when they are in tough situation or in full alert.

Every single day is like forever
Each day that passes is so important that you can’t miss a minute without replying on his messages or answering his call each time he calls you.

Your’re grateful for tomorrow has come
Each morning is like a blessing and a new chapter of your life together. You treasure every 6:00 AM or 7:00AM messages which brighten up your day like a booster shot for your long day ahead.

Your mobile phone is your best friend
You can’t go anywhere without your mobile phone because you want to be updated about where he is or what he’ll be doing for the rest of day or in the next 24 hours.

Your relationship gets stronger each day
Both of realize the importance of being optimistic that you always need to look at the bright side of things in spite of the negative factors and circumstances that’s in relationship.

Long Distance Relationship works
When you’re with a military man, you have to be flexible and understanding because things in your relationship is not rotational. You cannot see him often as you wanted but that’s totally fine. Both of you try to work things out because your relationship is more important than anything else.


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