A Daily Dose of My Military Man

Disclaimer: This post is purely came from author’s thoughts, emotions and experiences. What have been written here might be different to what others think.

Honestly, being in a relationship with a military man is like siting in a roller coaster ride. Your emotions go up as high as it could and it could go low as lower that it could. It could also turn your world up side down which makes you hold tighter and make your grip stronger than you could imagine.You’ll be surprise in all the emotions that you’ve got as time goes on. Happiness, longing, a bit of sadness, and lone time. You’ll eventually feel those emotions as the day goes on. And at the end of the day, you’ll see that your love for him grows even more.

A soldier’s love is pure. You cannot compare it to any other things in your surrounding. They will love you as much as how they love their job. If he chooses you, he will give his love for no one but you. He is loyal as long as he sees your loyalty too. You’ll feel safe every time that he’s with you. He’ll make sure that you are safe and you’re comfortable. Although, you may also find other girls appreciate him and even look at him as a strong looking and manly-man. By which you could appreciate him more.

Ofcourse, just like any other typical relationship, there are ups and down. So, what makes it difficult to deal with? In this case, being in love with a military man requires you to have tons of patience, faith and optimism. Your relationship is not the same as chick flick, rom-com relationship that exists in the movies or series. There are moments that you can barely see him because of his deployment/mission. There will be moments that you won’t be able to see him for few months. You just have to endure your longing moments and count the days left until his deployment off. This could test your patience and your love for him.

There will be crazy days that will pass but at the end of the day, you just have to train yourself how to divert your attention into something more beneficial and meditating the art of the phrase “this too shall pass”.

Here are the other things that gains value from your relationship:

A ‘tomorrow’ that came
Each morning is like a blessing and a new chapter of your life together. You treasure every 6:00 AM or 7:00AM messages which brighten up your day like a booster shot for your long day ahead.

Your mobile phone which will turn out to be your best friend
You can’t go anywhere without your mobile phone because you want to be updated about where he is or what he’ll be doing for the rest of day or in the next 24 hours.

Your relationship that gets stronger each day
Both of realize the importance of being optimistic that you always need to look at the bright side of things in spite of the negative factors and circumstances that’s in relationship.

The Art of the Long Distance Relationship
When you’re with a military man, you have to be flexible and understanding because things in your relationship is not rotational. You cannot see him often as you wanted but that’s totally fine. Both of you try to work things out because your relationship is more important than anything else. 


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