You’re Twenty-Four and Fine

My 24th birthday is just around the corner. As I woke up each day, I tend to look back and check the life that I’m living in the present versus the life that have in past few days and months. How can I do that? Basically, I don’t know. It’s like my mind involuntarily thinks and examine the things that I did in the yesterday. My decisions, my goals, things that I did, how I had adapted to new things, Everything.

Two decades seems so fast and had slapped me so hard with lots of realizations. One of those realizations is “Adulthood” which the society defines as your time to handle yourself, your own life, your own perspective. It is the phase of your life wherein you examine yourself over and over again. Finding faults in yourself, faults in everything that you do, faults in your bosses, in colleagues, in your family and friends and to everyone else that you’re dealing with. It is where you’re being so narrow-minded and perfectionist with all of your actions. There are instances that you make goals and get too hard on yourself when you fail to achieve it or a sudden change of plan due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Being in mid-twenties stage is like walking in parallel and empty road, quite or totally lost. Striving and surviving are your only goal to go along packed with the hope in your heart that one day, you’ll somewhat land on where you should be. Mid-twenties is the peak of your struggle period whether in your personal life, career, financial aspects but it’s also the phase where you reach your full maturity and growth in all aspects.

In your  mid-twenties, you are allowed to commit mistakes and learn from it, rant about anything that annoys you, look for better opportunities,  to change your decisions, your perspective your goals but you are not allowed to live with “what ifs”.

In your mid-twenties, you are free to do what makes you happy, make decisions that would make your soul happy. Make a lot of effort to give back to your parents and family, you’re free to be silly and free to be yourself. You are free to give everything you have and you can to the person that you love.

In your mid-twenties, regrets are not welcome. What you’ve gone in the past can affect you present especially your future so, there’s not point of having regrets. The best thing to do when you have regrets is to make your regrets happen. Instead of having regrets for not eating your favorite pizza because you’re on a diet, eat it and enjoy every piece of it. As what other people say, “Life is short.” We will all die in the end. Freeing yourself from regrets and “what ifs” are the best feeling that you can give to yourself.

Allow yourself to breathe, cry, strive, survive. Allow yourself to fall but stand and move forward. Allow yourself to be happy. Allow yourself to follow your heart. Allow yourself to love and be loved.


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