Adulting: What Does The Real World Looks Like?

We live with our lives on a day-by-day basis. We spend almost our entire day working, traveling from our place to work, probably do extra job after our regular “day-shift” work. How is it like to be an adult? Is this the kind of life that the world will give you? There are so many whys, what, and hows on our minds when we feel a little exhausted or if exhaustion comes along our way. We feel pressured and lost in path that we are into. The gravity is so strong and feel like it  drags us down and consumes all our energy in pulling ourselves up-stand still. The feeling that you don’t even know why it exists is so real.

The life in the comfort zone is way different in the real world. At some point, there are factors why we face this kind of situation. Along with achievement of coming out and graduated from school, we’re gonna enter the narrow, bumpy -tunnel  that has many  paths to choose from, each step that you make gives you multiple options though outcome is vague and inevitable which you can only find out after a quite some time. The real world offers so many kinds of experiences, emotions and circumstances. It can make us the best version of ourselves but can also turn us into a worst person that we can’t ever imagine.

Being a better person is a choice and we are all entitled to be one. The level of maturity changes and adds more value to our personality as we age and as we move one step forward towards “Adult-thing”. We may be lost, our hearts  with scratches and bruises, high level of disappointment, all sort of agony and sorrow but as the sun goes down  and moon shines in the dark, our King’s plan for us will always be in our way. There won’t be other way but up. Standing still every step of the way, fighting and not giving up all the time, pursuing our heart’s desires and taking a leap of faith are the best option that we can have to surpass all the challenges that life is throwing on us.

There will always be ups and downs, crying and laughter moments, giving up and holding on periods. Always find hope, courage strength in whatever situation we are into. Never give up on the one that we chose to be with. BE STILL. REMAIN STILL. STAND STILL. PRAY.

Tunnels always have its ending. Surely, we can see light at the end of it.

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