Keep your Self-Worth Intact

Nowadays, where most people are millennials everything seems so easy. Society has become more active in every aspects of life. Words are being utter to the world freely whether it’s good or not, beneficial or harmful. Technology had even taught the society to become bolder and adaptive to the innovations which sometimes bit suffocating and demanding.

In the modern days just like now, people are becoming more insensitive of their environment as well as the well being of others. It’s so easy to commit, make promises, and leave if things doesn’t go well and if it’s not comfortable anymore. And that somewhat leads to depression or even suicide.

Self-Worth is not in priority. It loses more when someone we cared for devalued us. It’s so easy to quit and move as if nothing happens until one day reality will hit you to the core of your soul, and see yourself in one corner devastated, devalued, unnecessary. Your worth is low as the ocean ground, hanged on the cliff and left up in the air.

You’re pointless, empty and stagnant. That’s how it seems like when your self-worth is gone.

Everyone is entitled to be sad for a moment. ONLY FOR A MOMENT. As society punches you with so many shits, the only way to go through those shits is to KEEP your SELF-WORTH INTACT.

Circumstances will teach us to be bold and stronger as ever. The moment you put all your energy to the ones who do not see your worth, you’ll start to loose yourself. No one can ever be blamed but you. Why? Because you did not give yourself a chance to weigh your worth. We are the ruler of ourselves and we are the one that take control of the situation. The moment you loose yourself, you’re unable to love anybody because you what’s important for your is somebody’s attention which you solely depend on that. Process may be the same, if things don’t work, everything about you becomes more messy and dysfunctional.

It is way better to know your worth, and know yourself a little more before allowing somebody to enter in your system. Keeping your self-worth intact can lead you to a happier life, braver heart and hopeful mind.

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