The world may bring you down.
Slowly.. Slowly.. Slowly..
That as if you are not existing..
That your existence is just nothing..
You keep walking on the road that
feels like nobody sees you..

People mistreat their own mankind..
They will let you feel that you’re unimportant..
They walk through you then later not anymore.
How can people be so drastically ruthless
Why do they let you feel that way..
People are so good in putting others down..
Some are masters.

Deep within you, you’ll continuously get up
Each day is another day work for yourself
without even thinking how crucial the world is
with a bruised soul you continue to live as if
nothing gonna last forever.
People may look down on you thousand times but
You should never look down on yourself.
The only one that you have you.
no more, no less.

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