Keep your Self-Worth Intact

Nowadays, where most people are millennials everything seems so easy. Society has become more active in every aspects of life. Words are being utter to the world freely whether it’s good or not, beneficial or harmful. Technology had even taught the society to become bolder and adaptive to the innovations which sometimes bit suffocating and demanding.

In the modern days just like now, people are becoming more insensitive of their environment as well as the well being of others. It’s so easy to commit, make promises, and leave if things doesn’t go well and if it’s not comfortable anymore. And that somewhat leads to depression or even suicide.

Self-Worth is not in priority. It loses more when someone we cared for devalued us. It’s so easy to quit and move as if nothing happens until one day reality will hit you to the core of your soul, and see yourself in one corner devastated, devalued, unnecessary. Your worth is low as the ocean ground, hanged on the cliff and left up in the air.

You’re pointless, empty and stagnant. That’s how it seems like when your self-worth is gone.

Everyone is entitled to be sad for a moment. ONLY FOR A MOMENT. As society punches you with so many shits, the only way to go through those shits is to KEEP your SELF-WORTH INTACT.

Circumstances will teach us to be bold and stronger as ever. The moment you put all your energy to the ones who do not see your worth, you’ll start to loose yourself. No one can ever be blamed but you. Why? Because you did not give yourself a chance to weigh your worth. We are the ruler of ourselves and we are the one that take control of the situation. The moment you loose yourself, you’re unable to love anybody because you what’s important for your is somebody’s attention which you solely depend on that. Process may be the same, if things don’t work, everything about you becomes more messy and dysfunctional.

It is way better to know your worth, and know yourself a little more before allowing somebody to enter in your system. Keeping your self-worth intact can lead you to a happier life, braver heart and hopeful mind.


Adulting: What Does The Real World Looks Like?

We live with our lives on a day-by-day basis. We spend almost our entire day working, traveling from our place to work, probably do extra job after our regular “day-shift” work. How is it like to be an adult? Is this the kind of life that the world will give you? There are so many whys, what, and hows on our minds when we feel a little exhausted or if exhaustion comes along our way. We feel pressured and lost in path that we are into. The gravity is so strong and feel like it  drags us down and consumes all our energy in pulling ourselves up-stand still. The feeling that you don’t even know why it exists is so real.

The life in the comfort zone is way different in the real world. At some point, there are factors why we face this kind of situation. Along with achievement of coming out and graduated from school, we’re gonna enter the narrow, bumpy -tunnel  that has many  paths to choose from, each step that you make gives you multiple options though outcome is vague and inevitable which you can only find out after a quite some time. The real world offers so many kinds of experiences, emotions and circumstances. It can make us the best version of ourselves but can also turn us into a worst person that we can’t ever imagine.

Being a better person is a choice and we are all entitled to be one. The level of maturity changes and adds more value to our personality as we age and as we move one step forward towards “Adult-thing”. We may be lost, our hearts  with scratches and bruises, high level of disappointment, all sort of agony and sorrow but as the sun goes down  and moon shines in the dark, our King’s plan for us will always be in our way. There won’t be other way but up. Standing still every step of the way, fighting and not giving up all the time, pursuing our heart’s desires and taking a leap of faith are the best option that we can have to surpass all the challenges that life is throwing on us.

There will always be ups and downs, crying and laughter moments, giving up and holding on periods. Always find hope, courage strength in whatever situation we are into. Never give up on the one that we chose to be with. BE STILL. REMAIN STILL. STAND STILL. PRAY.

Tunnels always have its ending. Surely, we can see light at the end of it.

Please do..

Deep within my soul, I’m bleeding.
The pain was no location, couldn’t
be locate by any machine or equipment
even morphin can’t conceal
How can someone bring so much
pain your soul. In every inch of you
In every single cell that you have.
How can someone throw away the time,
everything that both of you have
Everything that both of you holds onto
How can a human hurt his own, cut his own
leave his own and the signicant other wounded
Both of you will have deep cut until you see
blood run through out of your body

Why would you choose not to hold on
with what you both have started
Why are you intentionally loosing up the grip
and almost open that grip
When the other holds up tighty

Yesterday it is, today It’s not
will there still be a tomorrow
just like yesterday?

Please fight for me
Please let yourself fight for us
Please fight what we have
for what we have started
for what we have planned for

Please do..
I’m begging you..


My eyes see nothing but you.

US in the peak of my hope.

US in my prayer.

You and Me in whole wide world.

Let me be the foundation of your today and tomorrow.

Let me be in your heart always and forever.

Let me be what your eyes see

wherever you are,

whenever everything else is prettier.

I love you endlessly




day after tomorrow..

Day after next..

The road is endless

The ocean is limitless

The sky is wide without endpoint

The world is sphere

Doesn’t have its end

Let me be your road

Let me be your ocean

Let me be your sky

Let me be your star to look at night

Let me be your sun to give you sunshine

Long Distance Relationship : Struggles and Wins

Right before the relationship started, my man and I talked about the possibilities and probabilities of things that we may be facing as we go one step forward each day. His job demands so much time to the extent that there’s no way out and just live by it in a day to day basis. It was hard but tolerable though.

Just like any other individual, we have goals to pursue and desires to fulfil. My man is an armed and uniformed man, a soldier of his countrymen, saving lives and maintaining maritime security. Me, on the other hand is a professional teacher-in-the-making. Our chosen fields are two different worlds that require us to stand in the middle so that we can meet halfway.

What we have is a steady and low-maintenance relationship. What does “low-maintenance” relationship means. It is when both of you do different things but still manage to meet halfway. No more, no less. It is where you can sleep at night peacefully. It is when both of you can carry and manage to handle yourself properly even without the presence of your partner physically. It is when both of you have respect and trust with each other and no one dares to break that trust. No demands, no immaturity, just pure understanding.

Okay, this may sound too good to be true. But hey! Wait..

To tell you honestly, long distance relationship is not an easy breezy thing. Yes, it’s hard. You may have disappointments at times, countless “I wish you were here” moments, crying times at night and “I miss you so much” days. Here’s the thing, for you to succeed and be successful in everything that you do, you have to work harder than what you thought. It’s the same way with long distance relationship.

  • You have to be patient
  • You must have your own world
  • You have to pursue your career goal
  • You have to support your partner’s decision
  • Your have to trust your partner
  • Your have to trust yourself that you can surpass trials and temptations
  • You have to trust your relationship
  • You must have a priority
  • You must support each other
  • You have to pray harder
  • You should be feel secured
  • You have to be mature because maturity is a must

Being in a relationship is easy but being in a “Long Distance Relationship” is quite challenging. It is not for everybody. It is not for someone who has a weak heart. It is not for a fickle-minded person and most especially, Long Distance Relationship is not for overly-dependent person that looses herself/himself while in the relationship. However, it teaches you and leads you to be the best version of yourself, it teaches you to be strong in a sense that the life and the world are so beautiful to live in. It teaches you to appreciate time and love unconditionally. Furthermore, it brings positivity and high morale to your partner because you totally understands the situation. That might be the real relationship and commitment looks like.

Day 078 | L O W P O I N T S


Few months have passed. We haven’t talk for a while. I’m not quite sure if your phones will hand over to you this week.

It was quite sometime already and it kills me a little. Sending my thoughts through the sky rips my heart a bit. As time goes by, when I look above and see dates, All I can see is a flat line in which I stand in the middle of it. Making life as easy as possible just like the previous days or another way around that kills me because of the negative vibe that hunts me over and over.

All I have to do is to move my feet one step forward each day without stepping back even for a single step. Quite far in the end of the tunnel yet, I can barely see it. You at the end of it. Us, in the end of our little sacrifice. I will always choose to wake up each day crossing out days and looking forward for the days that still left.

What i know is that, my heart is yours. Forever.

Day 043

Time: 18:04H


Happy new year!

Tuwing nakikita kita, nawawala lahat ng negatibong bagay. Pinapagaan mo ang lahat ang mundo. Panibagong taon saating dalawa, marami tayong pag dadaanan, batuhan na daan, patag paakyat. Isa lang ang alam ng puso ko, ikaw ang laman nito at kasama ka sa lahat ng bagay.

Mahal kita, mahal ko.