My eyes see nothing but you.

US in the peak of my hope.

US in my prayer.

You and Me in whole wide world.

Let me be the foundation of your today and tomorrow.

Let me be in your heart always and forever.

Let me be what your eyes see

wherever you are,

whenever everything else is prettier.

I love you endlessly




day after tomorrow..

Day after next..

The road is endless

The ocean is limitless

The sky is wide without endpoint

The world is sphere

Doesn’t have its end

Let me be your road

Let me be your ocean

Let me be your sky

Let me be your star to look at night

Let me be your sun to give you sunshine



You, my love, is gentle
Your love warm
You give me warm
Your love radiates and shines within
Your eyes speaks more than your lips Your worlds dancing in my soul

Today, let my heart speaks
Today, let my soul reaches yours
Today, let my heart embrace yours
Today, let my thoughts reach yours
Today, let my heart reach the deepest
Today, let my eyes see you
Today, let me say show you the my world

Tomorrow is near
Tomorrow is amazing
Tomorrow is a new beginning
Tomorrow is ours
Tomorrow is clear that..
You and me have “us” today, tomorrow, and everyday

Sperm Donation

As time goes by, everything around us changes. Technologies, infrastructure, people, beliefs, and even principles. Some Asians have adapted the western culture that they’ve seen through media. The ideology of an individual easy changes to because of many factors in his surrounding.

Single parents are so common in this era unlike the old days, Our grandparent’s  moral values are intact, they were more cautious with their actions and also responsible with their acts. Not like today, people became more liberated, adventurous which typically were more curious and always craves for more.

Pregnancy happens and all of a sudden, life of both individuals turned 360 degrees. By all means, negative thoughts will rise. Fear of responsibility, anxiety and worst case scenario, separation. The man will continue to live his life; the woman? there you go pregnant, carrying the baby on her own and live her own life every single day waiting for the the perfect time to finally see the unborn child on her womb.

Some are feckless men will tell his woman that he is not ready yet. Not ready emotionally. Thinking like this tiny human living inside the womb is an antagonist in his life, a big torn on his chest and a hindrance to his goal. Voila! Congratulations dude! You have successfully donated your sperm and given a new life to unknown person. Sounds weird right? But that’s how things look like.

Remember: This little bunny inside a woman’ womb is a gift from God. A reminder that you will never be alone in this crazy inhumane world. A simple reminder that small things grow into brighter and amazing things. Every unborn child will teach you how to be patient, how to be responsible, how to be strong, how to take care of yourself, how to protect yourself from others, how to care of everyone you love and how to be gentle.

 Every unborn child is your strength, your friend, your love and someone that will give you a clearer path. Someone that will make you realize that nothing happens accidentally and every conceived human is a gift.

Ano Ba Talaga?

Naglalakad ako pero sumusunod ka
tumigil humakbang humarap sayo
Mata mo’y titig saaking mukha
nangungusap na kung sila ay makapag-
sasalita lang, sasabihing, maari bang
ako’y sumabay?

hinakbang ang mga paa, naglakad
patungo doon sa kung saan.
sa aking likuran, ika’y sumasabay
Ano ba talaga?
Hindi ko ma intindihan sa bawat yabag
ng aking mga paa, ika’y sumasabay
ang aninong aking kasabay
ngayon’ dalawa na
Ano ba talaga?

Sa paglipas ng araw,
ang kaluluwa mo’y lumalapit
pumapasok sa aking pagkatao
Bakit? Bakit ka nariyan,
Bakit ka nandiyan?
Ano ba talaga?

Huminto sa dalampasigan
minulat ang mga mata, aking nakita
mukha mong kay ganda.
ang palad mo nasa palad ko
espasyo sa bawat pagitan ay napalitan
ng bawat daliri ng iyong kamay
nais sumigaw ng puso ko..
Ano ba talaga? Bakit? Kailan? Paano?

O aking mahal, sabihin sa akin.
bigkasin ng iyong labi mga kinukubli,
kataga, mensahe nang iyong mata, nang
iyong kaluluwa, ng iyong puso.
ako ba’y tama? o ito’y isang malaking katha
katha ng aking isip, katha ng aking dibdib

O mahal, ano ba talaga?


Typical random night, we’ve met
A hi and Hello as a signal to start
The greatness exuded as the words utter
You that standing in the crowd

Days got shorter as you catch the fallen soul
The clock ticks as time passes by
You that standing afar,
Is what my heart sees

No reason behind
No hesitation felt
No buts and if
My heart wants nothing
But for it to see what lies within

We left the yesterday
We tressure our todays
We anticipate our tomorrow
No question, it’s you, it’s us

Let me see what lies within
Show me what lies within
Should I go though it?
Should I not risk it?

Today is today
Tomorrow might be you
I’ll carry my own
You carry your own

Give my heart a little glance
Show me what lies within
Me who’ll wait for tomorrow
and I who will set an eye for our own “ours”

Walang ‘tong Titulo

Ikaw nalang para walang madi-disappoint sayo.
Ikaw nalang para hindi ka madi-disappoint.
Ikaw nalang para walang magwawalang bahala sayo.
Ikaw nalang para walang magpaparamdam sayo na unworthy ka.
Ikaw nalang para walang magpaparamdam sayo na worthless ka.
Ikaw nalang para walang mag paparamdam sayo na kasalanan mong naging mabait ka.
Ikaw nalang para walang pag paparamdam sayo na kasalanan mong naging mabait ka.
Ikaw nalang para walang manunumbat sayo.
Ikaw nalang para hindi ka maubos.
Ikaw nalang para walang makakapanakit sayo.
Ikaw nalang para hindi masayang ang tiwala mo.
Ikaw nalang para walang mang iiwan sayo
Ikaw nalang para walang makakapanakit ng puso mo.
Ikaw nalang para hindi ka na umiyak.
Ikaw nalang para wala kang dala.
Ikaw nalang para kapag gumigising ka araw-araw masaya ka lang.
Ikaw nalang para bukas makapag-lalakad ka parin na walang sugat.
Ikaw nalang para safe ka.
Ikaw nalang para your happiness belongs to no one but to yourself.
Ikaw nalang para kapag isang araw may gustong sumama sa biyahe mo, magaan.
Ikaw nalang, walang excess bagage.
Ikaw nalang parang masabi mo sa sarili mong kaya mo.
Ikaw nalang. Okay lang yan.
Ikaw nalang, Okay lang yan.
Ikaw nalang, Okay lang yan.

An open letter to you..

Dear Mr. Unknown,

I know your name, but I don’t know much about you. We talk but not talking deeply. I know some for your routines but plainly your routines. We spent time but just used the hang of it. I feel safe when you’re around but feared of being scattered. We see each other but not often. I initiate but you didn’t.

Your actions confuse me, your gesture melts me. You seem so deep and that that make you so mysterious. You talk but you don’t speak. You shine and that scares me.

Please give me clear picture. Please say your intentions. Please avoid playing mind games. Or better say, I should leave?