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A Daily Dose of My Military Man

Disclaimer: This post is purely came from author's thoughts, emotions and experiences. What have been written here might be different to what others think. Honestly, being in a relationship with a military man is like siting in a roller coaster ride. Your emotions go up as high as it could and it could go low… Continue reading A Daily Dose of My Military Man

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Sperm Donation

As time goes by, everything around us changes. Technologies, infrastructure, people, beliefs, and even principles. Some Asians have adapted the western culture that they've seen through media. The ideology of an individual easy changes to because of many factors in his surrounding. Single parents are so common in this era unlike the old days, Our… Continue reading Sperm Donation

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Ano Ba Talaga?

Naglalakad ako pero sumusunod ka tumigil humakbang humarap sayo Mata mo'y titig saaking mukha nangungusap na kung sila ay makapag- sasalita lang, sasabihing, maari bang ako'y sumabay? hinakbang ang mga paa, naglakad patungo doon sa kung saan. sa aking likuran, ika'y sumasabay Ano ba talaga? Hindi ko ma intindihan sa bawat yabag ng aking mga… Continue reading Ano Ba Talaga?

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What Does Introvert Looks Like?

Have you ever feel like walking around the city without looking on the faces of all the people that pass by? Have you ever tried eating at the restaurant sitting at the corner seat? Have you ever wanted to stay at the coffee shop instead of going to the crowded places to meet new people?… Continue reading What Does Introvert Looks Like?

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Walang ‘tong Titulo

Ikaw nalang para walang madi-disappoint sayo. Ikaw nalang para hindi ka madi-disappoint. Ikaw nalang para walang magwawalang bahala sayo. Ikaw nalang para walang magpaparamdam sayo na unworthy ka. Ikaw nalang para walang magpaparamdam sayo na worthless ka. Ikaw nalang para walang mag paparamdam sayo na kasalanan mong naging mabait ka. Ikaw nalang para walang pag… Continue reading Walang ‘tong Titulo

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Ways To Protect Your Heart

These days, we often see love and relationship in every part of the society. Businesses, establishments and others use different kinds of situations where they can inject love and relationship as their marketing strategy to catch attention and even revenue. Social media memes and relationship pages, often talk about every side of relationship. Happy or sad… Continue reading Ways To Protect Your Heart

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Priority First

Have you ever feel like you love someone but do not reciprocate?  A kind of relationship or even an instance that your goals separate both of you? Can you tell how does it feels like? Let's see. There you are, a warm-hearted, goal setter and achiever. You're fine. You have your routine, you do your… Continue reading Priority First